is your corkboard out of control?
Is your cork board out of control?
Forget the mess.
Let Corqueboard manage it for you!
Forget the mess.
Let Corqueboard manage it for you!
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Are you looking for ways to connect safely to your customer base during COVID-19 restrictions?

Improve your outcomes with the only interactive signage that creates a digital walkway between you and your audience.

Corqueboard is an interconnected digital surface installed in local businesses or community gathering spaces.  Supported by an intuitive app, Corqueboard creates a dynamic space for local ads, community event notices, fundraisers, lost pet announcements and other personalized beneficial community messages.

digital Corkboard

Display your ads in multiple location networks.

Manage ad details from a centralized web application.

Let users save your ad on their device.

CorqueBoard Locations

Analytics so you can see which ads are performing the best.

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Start connecting to your community with Corqueboard!  To get started, check out the list of select locations where Corqueboard is currently being offered.