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Who is Using Corqueboard?

Phil, the Independent Grocer

Entrepreneurial local business owner who wants to be known for his community commitment

  • Sees Corqueboard as a low risk way to make his business a community hub while bringing in extra revenue.
  • Hosts a Corqueboard in his store for free 
  • Gets a revenue share from ads featured on his board

"CorqueBoard added new revenue to my balance sheet. I can now afford help without stretching my pocket!"

Jenn, the Marketing Director

Community-minded business professional looking for ways to help her local businesses thrive

  • Sees Corqueboard as a new revenue source for local businesses and the chamber of commerce.
  • Secures Corqueboard Chamber Membership for local businesses in her community.

" CorqueBoard has given our agency a new way to market our clients. It is very effective!"

Dave, the Barber Shop Owner

Small business owner looking to bring awareness to his business and services on a limited budget

  • Sees Corqueboard as a way to break into digital and effectively get more eyes on his business without breaking the bank

" We have gotten tons of foot traffic from our CorqueBoard Ad. Our best investment by far."

Claire, the 8 Year Old Who Lost Her Cat

Family-oriented, tech-savvy youth

  • Uses Corqueboard as an inexpensive way to connect with everyone in her community at the same time to let everyone know about the important things.

"We found toodles!"

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